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Welcome to the Xbox 360 Section at Duel 95 Professional!


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So for any Battlefield fans your going to be looking forward to the nest big thing, battlefield 3. Battlefield 3 if you havn't looked at any trailers or teasers on youtube yet you defently should because Battlefield 3 has added a whole new element to warfare gaming. Battlefield 3's release date is Going to be before Christmas possibly november, So if your a COD player don't expect any COD features like overpowered killstreaks, Battlefield has always had viechles available if your the first on to get it. As for speculations of mw3 so far nothing has been confirmed but there is a good chance there will be another COD. if you would like to know about other games that are coming out this year tell us and we can tell you a little aobut it.


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Page offically re-opens


Today the Xbox 360 page will be offically opened, content relating to the games in the column to the right will be uploaded soon. Rough uploading time is around a fornight.


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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Grand Theft Auto IV


HALO: Reach

Assasin's Creed 1,2,3

Call of Duty: Black ops

Battlefield 3: coming this year