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Minecraft Pictures
Original Creations (without hacks like it should be)
Duel 95 Tower Mines
Created by Liam Gould
The Duel 95 Tower Mines was created on the same day as the World 2 making it the first base in the world. Since the creation of the world (10/10/2010), the base has long advanced with all the new lighting (even in the Deep Mines alongside Lava), doors, ladders (even to the top of the sky), windows and more! There is also an office building for 'Isle Del Duello' on the site. Also on site is a mine in the Lake connected to the Tower's River. The Tower's River travels through the top mines down to the lava pits (creating Obsidian down there too). Duel 95 Tower Mines has a heap of sub-mines like the Deep Mines, Specialty Store Mineshaft (First diamonds found), and even some sub-sub-mines (heaps of everything rare). It is truly a successful base!
Isola Del Duello (Commonly written as "Isle Del Duello" and known as "Isle of Duel")
Created by Liam Gould
An island just a few kilometres offshore of the mainland. Settlement began 3 days after the creation of World 2 which is one day after the founding of the island. Like every other place, there are mines at the location - Current items found: Coal, Flintstone, Iron, Cobblestone, Soil, Wood. After much construction on the opening day, there is an underground river flowing through the first part of the island (Bridge coming soon to other parts). Compared to the rest of the world (except for Duel 95 Tower Mines), the island is very lit up at night and well noticeable.
The Nether
The Underworld of the World that has Duel 95 Tower Mines, Isle Del Duello, Coal Ridge and other places. At the moment (4-NOV-2010), there are no towns, mines, trading centres, safe houses, tourist centres, just the un-natural resources of hell! The world can be entered from the other side of the pond outside Duel 95 Tower Mines and can be exited from about a kilometre from Duel 95 Tower Mines. But now (14-NOV-2010), there currently is a Duel 95 Complex in the Nether which only contains Duel Mart and Duel Mart Store Room - The Complex is made from cobblestone but most of the inside (especially Duel Mart) is made of rock (including ceiling but floor is dirt). The Complex and the Overworld Portal had been fixed with cobblestone on 13-NOV-2010.

Shrine of Fire
The Shrine of Fire is the first shrine in the world. The image below shows an isometric view of the shrine after initial construction. The Shrine of fire is located in the middle of a lava lake in The Nether - same lava lake in above image. The shrine protects mobs upon entry, especially from ghasts and also allows on-site construction as it can be used as a factory.
Duel 95 SMP Minecraft Server