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Duel 95 Professional 2010

Type: Web Browser/Word Processor/Media Player

Description: A C# application created by Liam Gould in 2009/2010. It functions as a web browser, word processor and media player.

Cost: §4988[B=$5.00] or CD §6488[B=$6.50]

Delivery: Email attachment (Use points card) or CD.

Official Release: Monday, May 10 2010.


Sam Curry .NET Professional

Type: Web Browser

Description: A C# application created by Liam Gould in 2010 for Sam Curry from Team Gouldy 2010 (© 2010-2011 D95 Solutions).

Cost: §0 [FREE -- Updates aren't free just this version]

Delivery: Download ZIP | Download Sam Curry Windows ZIP

Official Release: Sunday, December 5 2010.

Latest Update: Version (Free) [28/01/2011]

Win Update: Version (Free) [02/02/2011] ( will be free too)


Jarrad's Battle of the War Games

Type: Book

Description: Created by Jarrad Sepokas in 2007, a story of three men battling in the War Games but not of the traditional type.

Cost: §2996[B=$3.00]; Free 1 week rent

Delivery/Status: Discontinued product (?? Copies remain)


Duel 95 Points Card

Type: Systems Billing Account Card

Description: A prepaid card that allows you to purchase items off of the Duel 95 Network for a lower price than Cash. The card is refillable but not refundable. The card's code won't rub off for extra integrity and reliability.

We are not responsible if you lose your card.

Cost: $2.00 for §1999; $5.00 for §4899; $7.50 for §7499

Delivery/Status: Printed to order, or we can email code.

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All orders before 08/02/2010 have been deleted, if the orders were legitimate then the person in which processed the transaction will re-order.


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