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Duel 95 Broadcasting



Duel 95 Broadcasting has been running actively for three years on YouTube. Duel 95 Professional influenced shows to be broadcasting nearing the end of 2008 such as takes of 'Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Interview' which started the 'Psycho Jam' series. The 'Psycho Jam' series will still broadcast this year along with new shows.


While some series were in progress, duel95 uploaded some animations which were mostly just animated stick figures animated in 'Pivot' and 'Pencil'.


Late 2009, planning for a new duel 95 gaming show started to take place with Jamieson Morris in the first episode. The episode will be broken down from 1hr 7min to 20min so it can be shared with the world in 2011. The episode included a Nintendo GameCube with a Digital Out to PC and a video camera recording player's physical actions during gameplay. The output video displayed full screen of the game and a commentary box for the camera. Later episodes should include live action games such as 'Super Smash Bros.', 'Grand Theft Auto', etc.


The year 2010 is an innovative year for Duel 95 Professional because of the flash animations (Macromedia Flash 8 and Adobe Flash CS4); with Duel 95 Broadcasting, innovation is one of the aspects we are considering for quality programmes such as 720p High Definition (actually clear) edited with Microsoft Windows 7.


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